Lab: Conference Table

One of the fun parts of working in the Applied Research Lab is that we like to experiment with new ways to think about our work environment. So one room that we went out of our way to subvert was the conference room (here’s an article with more info too). One of the goals was to make the conference room a place you actually wanted to be in. The room is inside of a converted shipping container with an incredible view of the bay, and the table is huge, with live edges, and a channel running down the middle. Inside of the channel is a river of 3D printed topographical crystals and an iPad shows off controls for altering the colors and patterns of a light show running underneath. And at another press on the iPad, a portion of the crystals lift up to reveal the power and AV outlets.

I modeled and fabricated the crystal pattern (based on Evan Atherton‘s 3D Printed Speaker design, which was trickier to convert to a tiled pattern than you may think), and Evan worked out the actuation for the secret compartment and LumiGeek handled the addressable LEDs.

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