Daunting doors

So, I am reading The Design of Everyday Things and the book uses doors as an example of an often poorly designed object that people battle with when the knob/handle does not intuitively indicate the necessary movement, which is quite often. Push, pull, twist, grasp, slide? What side is hinged? Is it automatic?

I have begun experiencing the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon on the topic. For the last two days I witnessed a multitude of frazzled and innocent victims of poorly designed doors.

Interesting book, a lot of the content seems like it should be common sense but all of the silly doors, faucets, stovetops and light switches that we deal with everyday suggest otherwise.
As Mr. Norman writes “if a door handle needs a sign, then it’s design is probably faulty.”

The Design of Everyday Things

Start looking critically at every object that every makes me feel foolish, and every object that I can use the first time effortlessly.

Analyze what is going on in both objects. Take pictures, document. Maybe I will make a blog page devoted to these moments.