Note: this site is not currently being maintained, therefore the projects shown are not the most current research. Please see the official Autodesk Research website for more recent work.



Hello, I am a Senior Research Engineer for the Autodesk Robotics Lab a within the Office of the CTO at Autodesk. The team is based in the Pier 9 Technology Center we are tasked with exploring the future of robotics and the impact advances in robotics technology could have on our customers. The work is constantly adapting as we go but my current focuses is on the future of human and machine collaboration – namely exploring more intuitive and safe ways to work with industrial 6-axis robot arms, and the impact of ubiquitous connected devices in the future of how things are made. For more information on the work going on in the lab check out: http://www.todayinthelab.com

I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and after working for a few years in the DC area I attended the Stanford University Joint Program in Design, earning my MS in Product Design. During my graduate studies I focused on human-centered design methodologies, fabrication, art, and design for social good.

Disclaimer: I am not acting as an official representative of Autodesk on this website.

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